Professional Investigative Services For Modern Companies


Complete Background Investigations

Our society today demands that those pursuing success must protect themselves by substantiating the history of individuals that we are involved with. Inquiry can be performed to any level required. Full background checks are available.

Corporate Or Individual Profiling:

  • Pre-Employment or Promotion
  • Assets Validation of People and Corporations
  • Risk Assessment

Standing Of or Issues With:

  • Perspective Investors
  • New Clients or Standing Clients
  • New Vendors or Standing Vendors
  • Competitors
  • Work Center Violence


  • Premarital
  • Child Care; "Sitters, Day Care"
  • Criminal History
  • Litigation History
  • Work History
  • Medical History
  • Financial: Current and History

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigation

Corporate Issues:

  • Employee and Partner Theft
  • Product Litigation Issues
  • Cellphone/Text Message Investigation
  • Computer Investigation

Insurance Issues:

  • Fictitious Claims
  • Property Loss or Damage
  • Injury: Auto, Domestic
  • Workmen's Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Arson

Insurance Claims Investigation

AJP Enterprises maintains extensive computer files on fictitious insurance cases. Many of the individuals who hatch these claims have made careers out of generating insurance issues under different identities, including different Social Security numbers.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and our capabilities in greater detail.


Photographic Capabilities

  • Extensive, day and night in any weather. Long-range monitoring and photographs are not a problem.
  • We can place a covert video camera in any vehicle and record/monitor a location for extended periods.
  • Several types of covert body-worn video cameras are available.
  • We can place portable covert video cameras and recorders within a business location.
  • Complete video to still print photograph and photographic analysis capability.

Court Testimony

We have extensive experience in testifying and presenting evidence in court cases. On specific subjects, we have been accepted as an expert witness.


Asset Security

  • Personal Escorts
  • Property and Shipment Courier
  • Tracking Devices for Monitoring Location of Property and Shipments

Additional services available such as
Personal Security Services, Corporate Counter Espionage and more